Top 8 Rarest Colors of Boxer

Classic Fawn

The classic fawn coat is a timeless favorite among Boxer enthusiasts.

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Majestic Brindle Patterns

Brindle patterns add a majestic touch to a Boxer's coat.

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Rare Solid Black

Solid black Boxers are a rarity that captivates with its sleek and sophisticated appearance.

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Exquisite Reverse Brindle

The reverse brindle coat is a captivating twist on the classic pattern.

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Uncommon White Boxers

White Boxers, though less common, are equally charming.

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Striking Red Boxers

Red Boxers boast a striking and bold appearance. 

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Rare Blue Boxers

Blue Boxers, with their cool and unique grayish-blue coat, are a rare gem among Boxer colors.

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Charming Seal Boxers

Seal Boxers exhibit a charming dark coat with a hint of red.

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