Restaurant Review: Station

Restaurant review for Station, in Belmont, NC

by Frank Pendleton

Station in Belmont started as a bicycle shop bar with a couple craft beers on tap and a green egg grill outside. It has turned into an awesome craft beer and wine bar with amazing food cooked outside.

Their menu isn’t huge, but has a lot of great options on it.
Their tacos are nothing short of perfect and have Tuna, Pork belly, beef, shrimp, and chicken with many variations of all. The street noodles are very filling, not low calorie but absolutely delicious. The low carb (rice cauliflower) and meat bowls are both healthy and delicious. The wings are char grilled, if you don’t like any char on your wings just politely ask and they will oblige.
The atmosphere is very laid back, and happy. It’s customer base varies greatly, but everything from families with kids, young single adults to older customers looking for good food and drinks will have fun and be welcomed. Dress can vary from someone in bicycle gear looking to grab a pint after a work out to a couple dressed up for date night. It’s very kid and dog friendly with a nice inside seating area with plenty of outside seating as well including a table with a pit for warmth in the winter.
Station is open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Friday and Saturday it gets pretty crowded as they have a massive regular customer base. Wednesday and Thursday it’s not near as busy.
It is predominantly a craft beer and wine bar. They do keep Michelob ultra in bottle as well as white claws. Other than that they are very craft beer and wine with some liquor. Station is a locally owned business where the owners work hand and hand with the staff doing everything from bar tend to man the grill. The more time you spend here the more you too will love it!

Station is located at 4 N. Main St. in Belmont, NC. 

They are open Wed. through Saturday for dinner. 

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