Restaurant Review: Heirloom

New fine dining destination in Belmont, NC

by Frank Pendleton

Heirloom was originally a fine dining restaurant oddly located in a lower income area in Charlotte. The move to Belmont was a welcomed one. When I heard it was a new owner and a new chef I was less than thrilled and stayed away. Boy was I worried about nothing. Everything about heirloom improved. Food is better, location is better and the DRINKS!

The bar tender at heirloom is an absolute artisan. He is extremely educated on drinks, alcohol profiles and what brand of liquor brings what to his drinks. I have never been one to order craft cocktails, but I couldn’t imagine getting anything else. After going through his liquor menu I now often just say “ you call it” or say what liquor I’m in the mood for. His something spicy drink is the absolute best “spicy” drink I’ve ever had. When asked why he didn’t use jalapeños he clearly explained how jalapeños are too inconsistent in heat vs flavor. This Chile pepper he uses is spicy in flavor while having zero heat. To say a lot of thought has gone into everything is an understatement.

The food is farm to fork. It’s the epitome of fine dining. It’s price is on point for the quality and service. They offer a tasting menu that does require a 24 hour notice. I’ve admittedly never tried at new location but have been all through the appetizers and entrees and there hasn’t been a weak point to find. The menu changes often and you can expect the new to be as good as the old. Please remember it’s fine dining. Nothing against the Cheese Cake Factory or Jekyll and Hyde but too big of a menu typically correlates to a lack of freshness and low quality.

It’s very clear the restaurant does the good things great and the right people are there making sure that you get the experience you hope for when going to a fine dining establishment. Belmont’s thriving economy is a catch 22 because it’s the reason heirloom is here, but it’s also the reason poorly ran establishments without good food can survive.

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