Double Shot of Goodness Awaits at Cool Beans Cat Café

A first of it's kind in Gaston, unique concept in downtown Gastonia, NC

by David Turner

When people think of fantastic duos, any number of combinations come to mind: Abbott and Costello (Google them, kids), chocolate and peanut butter, and so on. But back in March, 2021, SueAnn Propst and her daughter Julianna Coon (A great duo in their own right) introduced Gaston County to another sensational combo: cats and coffee! 

Cool Beans Cat Cafè, located on 108 E. Main Ave. in Downtown Gastonia, is the first of it’s kind that we’re aware of in Gaston County. Judging by the reactions the news of their opening had in our Facebook group, it was quite obvious that plenty of folks were immediately onboard. 

When you enter, you’ll find a very well decorated and welcoming sitting area with comfortable chairs. It’d be easy to not even realize that in a separate area there are a batch of friendly felines hanging out in their own lounge. It’s worth pointing this out, if someone doesn’t want to interact at all with them and is only interested in a great latte or frappe, Cool Beans remains a fine option. 

And the cats! Always adorable and reaching Cool Beans by way of NC Paws Rescue. They are vetted to make sure they are well-behaved, and being able to interact with them in the lounge is a perfect audition for those considering adopting! 

Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram as they are always posting sweet introductions for new arrivals! 

Contact them directly for full details, but basically the way it works is: you pay a small fee for either 30 or 60 minutes in the lounge with the cats. The number of folks that can be back there at any given time is capped and there are a few other guidelines that they can go over with you when you stop in. 


"For a holiday drink we currently have Eggnog options, lattes hot or cold and frappes.
It’s insanely delicious, and I’m not just saying that. I cannot stop drinking them, it’s becoming a problem lol!"
"Fanta, shes such a poised little lady.
She’s a little over a year old, her back leg was caught on a fence when the rescue found her resulting in a hole in her ankle. After a surgery and lots of care, you can’t even tell she was hurt- other than a little patch on her ankle with no fur.
She’s such a sneaky little cat, and she loves straw, even after warning our guests in the cat lounge, she steals at least one straw a day!!"

Looking for a special holiday gift? Cool Beans has gift cards available in-store! And when you go, be sure to get a loyalty card which will get you a free drink for every 10th one.

Cool Beans Cat Cafè is located at 108 E. Main Ave. in Gastonia. 

They are open 10am-6pm Tuesday through Saturday and 11am-4pm on Sundays. 

You can reach them at 704-689-8115, via email at and on Facebook/Instagram.

Sophie is definitely in the Christmas spirit, even though her facial expression might say otherwise.
She loved the sweater, just not the posing for the photo part. 🙂

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